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> Angel S5 01: Conviction (2004) ***

AI adjust to their new incarnation at Wolfram & Hart

> Angel S5 02: Just Rewards (2004) **

Spike's reappearance throws everyone for a loop

> Angel S5 03: Unleashed (2004) *1/2

Angel tries to help a werewolf

> Angel S5 04: Hellbound (2004) ***1/2

Spike encounters the ghost of a serial killer

> Angel S5 05: The Life of the Party (2004) *

Lorne throws a Halloween bash

> Angel S5 06: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco (2004) ***1/2

Angel teams up with a Mexican wrestler

> Angel S5 18: Origin (2004) ****

Parents of a boy with supernatural strength turn to W&H for advice

> Angel S5 19: Time Bomb (2004) ***

Illyria's powers threaten to wipe out LA

> Angel S5 21: Power Play (2004) ***

Angel's loyalties are in doubt when he joins the Circle of the Black Thorn

> Angel S5 22: Not Fade Away (2004) ****

The finale to end all finales

> Buffy S7: episodes 1--11 (2003) ***

School's back, and a sinister new enemy is killing potential slayers

> Buffy S7: episodes 12--22 (2003) **1/2

The Scoobies battle it out for bathroom time, while countering the First & its minions

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***** Superb, highly recommended
**** Recommended, significantly better than average of its type
*** A reasonably enjoyable 1 or 2 hours, but nothing special
** Some good moments, but overall not recommended
* If your taste is like mine, go out of your way to avoid

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